E-Z Solutions has been a godsend. We initially came in because we had a corrupt external hard drive with sensitive information that we needed to retrieve and a dead laptop. Nate wasn't able to recover the information but found us a place that could do it and even shipped the hard drive out that day. Additionally, we are a new business that needed IT solutions, so he sat down with us to review options. He got us set up with three workstations, a server, a satellite internet, and his customer service has been fantastic. We have been pleased with his services, and it has made our business more efficient.

Lantern Family Medicine

Made an appt. was taken care of quickly. It was a busy day for them with multiple appts but everyone spaced out respectfully. There was hand sanitizer to use and masks. Nate helped me and he was very courteous. I love that I can track repair progress on line.

JoAnn Stewart

Amazing people, friendly, and honest. We scheduled a service call as we live in the middle of nowhere, and they came out on a Saturday to help with the slow internet and computer email issues. EZ Solutions got us upgraded internet and fixed my email. Thank you!

Mary Jo Mertens

I want to give huge SHOUT-OUT to Nate and EZ Solutions! My laptop battery overheated, requiring a new laptop (I hadn't recognized the problem soon enough to just replace the battery). Nate recommended a great replacement, found one at a reasonable cost, and got everything reinstalled and working perfectly. He helped me solve several other, unrelated tech issues and quickly proved his value. We're now on a monthly maintenance plan for security and repairs, and we couldn't be happier! Thanks, Nate!

Julia Wasson

I needed to prepare for Telehealth and Teleplay sessions and Nate walked me through all of the security aspects as well as troubleshooting my issues with my microphone being blocked. Answered all of my questions and concerns. Highly recommend.

Kelly Nissen

EZ Solutions did a great, fast and honest job fixing my computer. They kept me up to date as soon as they found anything out and got my computer back to me, repaired and better than new within 12 hours. They will be the name I give people when they ask for IT help.

Jake DeDore

First off, Nate is amazing! I called to make an appointment to get my computer fixed thinking I would be without it for a couple of weeks. He said no, he would have it done later that day and he did! My computer now has all the latest updates and is lighting fast and he fixed a few things that were done improperly from another service center. Not knowing a lot about computers and technology, I feel confident everything has been well taken care of and I won't run into any issues down the road.
He also helped me with a phone issue and point of sale advise. He can do anything, and is very patient and answered all my questions. I highly recommend EZ Solutions for all your technology issues.

Diane Rinehart

By far the best place to take your computer in the area if you are having issues! Nate is very knowledgeable & professional. My computer was running super slow and ended up having a few issues but after a few hours Nate had it running better than it ever has and I learned a lot just by hanging out while it was being repaired.

Lee Huedepohl

Nate was such a help. My laptop was acting up so he fit me in same-day. Turns out I had some viruses & needed a new hard drive. He ended up going above & beyond and fixed everything within a few hours. Great service and would highly recommend EZ Solutions to anyone!

Stacy Zwiefelhofer

I had a great experience with EZ Solutions that the service was fast, effective and professional.

Donna Rager

Very quick service and easy to deal with by email. Picked up and returned my laptop for me and all for the same price as other quotes i had which didn’t deliver.

Constance C. Bennett

Speedy and effective service that collects and delivers straight to your door. Very useful for the working man! Much cheaper than buying a new laptop!

Thomas Blais

Great, quick service. Picked up and returned my laptop the next day, keeping me informed about what the problem was and how it would be fixed.

Andrew Vasquez

The service was excellent and extremely good value for money. I thought that my laptop was pretty much beyond repair, but it came back better than ever. (Plus cleaner than it was when I got it!) Everyone I spoke to or emailed during the short time it was being repaired were helpful and professional. I would definitely use this service again, or recommend it to others. Thanks very much.

Tim Oakland

Nate at EZ Solutions is great! He has been a great help to me with my technology deficit. And a great help with setting my technology for my small business.

Roger L.

If you can't help yourself, then these guys are a fantastic "Plan B". I definitely recommend them! Quality service!

Jeffrey Scott B.

Brought Pc here from Ireland Pc was all set up and ready to use. Friendly service and good communication throughout .

Carla F.

had malware get on my computer and I had no idea what to do. I tried several times to remove it myself but to no avail. I found this business by doing a search online. I got in touch with Nate, and he was able to make an appointment with me within an hour. Which was perfect for me since I had to get a lot of stuff done. He came to my house and he was very professional and was able to remove the malware without any hassle. Nate is very nice, friendly and he knows his stuff. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone that he having problems with their computers. Overall I feel that EZ Solutions and Nate are excellent and if I every run across another computer issue I know who I will be calling.

James D.

Absolutely the best. I have lost most of my hearing from a boating accident as a child, and this is the only computer place who would sit down with me, and explain what they were doing without making me feel like i was beneath them. I encourage everyone to use EZ Solutions for their computer support.

Shirley J.

We live in Mount Pleasant, and have always used EZ Solutions to support our business. So when we found out they had moved to a larger location, we were scared they would not be able to service us any longer. They gave us a warm and fuzzy feeling last nite when my email was hacked and not functional. Nate called me up and fixed the problem remotely, I now know the meaning of "Help is on the Way". It does not matter where you live or how you use the computer ,they will always keep me safe.

Jack E.

Used them for the first time, on a recommendation from another repair center. They did a great job, priced right at their quote, and the turn around was as expected. I would highly recommend them.

Robert R.

Nate from EZ Solutions came to my house, took care of my laptop, cleaning up the viruses and other problems on my laptop. Highly recommended service. Please tell your friends to go here!

Pat C.

EZ Solutions provides the IT services for our business. We are very happy with their services, and their timely response to emails for support. Highly Recommended!!

Vis Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd

This place is by far the best computer repair/upgrade store I have ever been too. They upgraded my hard drive in a crappy Lenovo, and now it is a really good computer. They were very helpful in identifying the issue(s) with slow speed, and they recommended a simple and cost-effective solution. They were prompt in getting the upgrade completed and they charged me very fair prices for labor and materials. In all I have more faith in these folks than any other computer store in Iowa.

Shawn W.